Successful ISO audit is over

Successful ISO audit is over


A very important ISO audit was completed today, which took place in our company from 9th to 13th August 2021.
It was an extension audit for 2 standards (EN ISO 9001:2015, EN ISO 14001:2015) and a control audit for a standard (ISO 45001:2018).

ISO standards are globally applicable standards issued by the International Organization for Standardization.
ISO standards were first published in 1987, are based on British Standards and are based on 7 general principles:

1. Customer focus
2. People management
3. Involving people
4. Process approach
5. Improving
6. Evidence-based decision-making
7. Relationship management

The primary benefit of ISO standards is that it is intended to provide quality certification to business stakeholders, i.e. suppliers, customers, collaborators and clients, that the company is delivering a product or service that meets expectations and complies with relevant regulatory requirements. Obtaining, meeting and renewing ISO standards is thus crucial to the future of any strong and quality company. 

We are very pleased that the audit was successful, the certifications have been defended and will be extended. No system non-conformities were noted during the audit.

We would like to thank all employees who personally contributed to the successful conduct and management of this year's audit.