We started the year 2022 with a successful project

We started the year 2022 with a successful project


At the beginning of the year, we were pleased with our colleagues from the Energy Department, who designed and implemented an innovative modification of the electric annealing furnace No. 5 - one of our key equipment to meet the requirements of API and GOST standards.

The ideal solution has been repeatedly sought in our company for the last few years. The aim was to find a way to ensure the functionality of this furnace and to meet the requirements of the API standard for temperature distribution and regulation. The furnace was purchased in 1993, at that time with completely different technical requirements. One of the first options considered was, of course, the acquisition of a new furnace. All solutions proposed by external companies were very expensive, in addition, they changed the parameters in their solutions - they reduced the achieved temperature and reduced the dimensions of the furnace. But that made no sense, so in the end the creative solution of our colleagues from the energy department won out. Although it was bold, they were not sure that the proposed modification would really work, nor was the furnace manufacturer's representative very optimistic.

Thanks to the "who wants, is looking for a way" approach, our company has saved significantly (compared to project implementation through external companies or the purchase of a new furnace) and colleagues have added the opportunity to certify existing furnaces for deliveries according to GOST standards. The display of temperatures and their regulation now takes place in a modern way, using a PLC display.

Thank you to all our colleagues who participated in this project.