About Us

MSA, a.s. is a company with a long traditon of industrial valves manufacturing. Design and development capacities, strong technological and manufacturing backroung of the company enable to fullfill the demanding requirements and thus rank MSA, a.s. among the top world manufacturers of industrial valves.

MSA, a.s. manufactures a wide assortment of ball valves, gate valves, check valves, globe valves and special valves for nuclear power plants.

Valves are used in oil transportation and processing, natural gas transport, distribution and processing and nuclear  and conventional power generation.

MSA is a part of TMK, a global manufacturer and supplier of steel pipe for the oil and gas industry, one of the world’s three leading pipe producers. TMK has expertise in shipping its products to customers in over 80 countries and offers a wide range of services in heat treating, protective coating, premium connections threading, warehousing and pipe repairing.