Open Day at MSA


On the morning of Saturday 11th June 2022, the doors of MSA opened wide as it hosted an Open Day for employees and their families. The summer weather was perfect and the mood of the participants was excellent throughout the event.

More than 350 people and children took the opportunity to see our armature plant, for whom a rich programme was prepared, including refreshments.

There were a number of projections of the company's history, videos and visual presentations of interesting facts about MSA.

Visitors were also able to view MSA's historical chronicles or visit a demonstration of the work of the CNC centre. A children's corner was prepared for children, where they could try out several interesting competitions for prizes or just have their face painted by a professional.

The whole event was held in a friendly atmosphere and all the satisfied visitors slowly started to go home after noon.

We would like to thank all the visitors and also the organizers of the event, which was a great success!


  • We are currently shipping large ball valves to Sweden and Romania


    Soon 5 pieces of large ball valves - K83, which together weigh more than 16 tons, will leave the factory gates!

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  • MSA Retirees Meeting


    On Friday, 18 August 2023, the traditional meeting of former MSA employees took place, organized by OS KOVO in KD Dolni Benesov.

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  • We are preparing the PRODIM expedition


    MSA is shipping this week for its good partner - the Dutch company PRODIM.

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  • Information on the current insolvency proceedings of MSA


    Dear creditors,

    Information on the current insolvency proceedings of MSA, a.s. can be found on the insolvency administrator's website:

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  • MSA Declaration


    Dear business partners, dear customers and suppliers, dear employees, hereby inform you that on 21/07/2023 our company, in accordance with the current insolvency law, filed an insolvency petition against itself.

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  • Next two big ball valves we sent to Egypt


    We continue to deliver to Egypt this summer. This time it is 2 giant ball valves - K83 NPS 48" Class 600 RF and K83 NPS 40" Class 600 RF.

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  • MSA held a training session on hot spray technology


    This week MSA held a training session on hot dip coating on metallic materials.

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  • MSA hosted an excursion of a secondary industrial school


    On May 30, 2023, our company hosted an excursion of students of the Secondary School of Engineering from Ostrava-Vitkovice. 

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  • Successful supervised API audit


    On 15.5.- 18.5.2023, a supervised API audit took place in our company. The auditor verified whether the processes of MSA, a.s. are in compliance with the requirements of the API Spec. Q1

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  • We are preparing a shipment to Egypt


    Two large ball valves K83 NPS 48" Class 600 RF and K83 NPS 40" Class 600 RF, weighing more than 50 tons

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  • MSA is shipping to Thailand


    TOP Entry - NPS 28" Class 900 fittings weighing more than 7,800 kg, will be shipped to Bangkok

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  • International Women's Day in MSA


    Today we wished our colleagues on their holiday - International Women's Day.

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  • Our valves are heading to Australia


    Today we are preparing a shipment for our prominent Dutch client - KROHNE, who is delivering our valves for the American Pluto Train 2 project to Australia.

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  • Training on API standards took place at MSA


    On 11.1.-13.1.2023, training on API standards took place at MSA. It was a refresher training on the API Spec Q1 9 Ed, API 6D 25 Ed and draft for API...

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  • Organisational change in the management of MSA


    I would like to inform you that as of 1 January 2023 there has been a change in the organizational structure of our company.  The Executive Director...

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  • MSA Christmas party


    On Thursday 15 December 2022, the "MSA Christmas Party" took place at the Kravín Music Club in Dolno Benesov. The event was held in an excellent...

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  • Successful ARAKO audit for PAKS nuclear power plant


    Another important audit recently completed at MSA was carried out by our long-term strategic partner Arako spol. s.r.o. The audit took place from...

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  • Successful audit at ČEZ


    On 15.-16.11.2022, MSA, a.s. was audited by one of our important customers, ČEZ. During the audit, the compliance of the management system of MSA,...

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  • Autumn meeting with employees


    On Wednesday, October 12th 2022, autumn meeting of MSA management and their employees took place in the premises of the New Hall. The main agenda was...

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  • Meeting of pensioners at MSA


    On Friday 12 August 2022, the traditional meeting of MSA pensioners took place in Dolní Benešov. The event took place again after a two-year forced...

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  • The ISO audit was successful for MSA!


    As of August 4th 2022, we have successfully passed the ISO 45001:2018 recertification audit and thus achieved a new ISO certificate valid for another...

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  • Meeting with MSA employees


    On Thursday 28th July 2022, holiday meeting of MSA management and employees took place in the Expedition premises in the New Hall. On the agenda was...

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  • Open Day at MSA


    On the morning of Saturday 11th June 2022, the doors of MSA opened wide as it hosted an Open Day for employees and their families. The summer weather...

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  • Successful IMS audit


    Last week, MSA was audited to check the compliance of the management system of MSA a.s. with the requirements of EN 488:2015. It was carried out by...

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  • Meeting with employees


    On Thursday 12th May 2022, another meeting of MSA management and employees took place in the New Hall. CEO Mr. Lyalkov commented the current...

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  • MSA shipping to Poland


    We are currently shipping 350 pieces of gate valves and ball valves for the oil industry to our northern neighbours. These valves are for our good...

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  • Change of ownership of MSA


    With effect from 3 March 2022, the beneficial owner of MSA, a.s. has changed. The share transfer documents of TMK STEEL HOLDING LIMITED dated 3...

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  • API audit is successfully over


    Our audit, conducted March 15-18, 2022, demonstrated that our day-to-day operations are operating in accordance with the control standard. The...

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We could boast about world well-known purchasers.

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