MSA, a. s. considers the customer satisfaction ensuring, prosperity and highly efficient production of industrial valves, while maximal respect for occupational health and safety, environmental protection and nuclear safety, a strategic goal. In response to the maintenance and continuous improvement of the Integrated management system - the ISO 9001 Quality management system (QMS), the Environmental management system according to ISO 14001 (EMS) and the Occupational Safety and Health Management System according to ISO 45001 (MS OHS); quality management system according to API spec Q1, according to 2014/68/EU PED and according to nuclear legislation as amended – MSA, a. s. management undertakes to fulfill the following policy statutes:

  • We want to continue in increasing of our customers´ satisfaction throughout development of new technical solutions tailored to customer specifications for all portfolio of our products.
  • To continuously evaluate our customers´ satisfaction and use the evaluation outputs for increasing level of our offered service and for better understanding of our customers´ needs.
  • To emphasize the production quality and fulfilment of the delivery terms of our products to the customers.
  • We are committed to protecting the environment, including pollution prevention with an emphasis on the areas of air, waste management and chemical management. We are also committed to continuously improving our environmental management system for improve environmental performance.
  • To fulfill all requirements according to environmental law and follow EMS principles.
  • We are committed to provide a safe and healthy working conditions relating to the prevention of occupational accidents and ill health. We are also committed to continuously improving our safe work management system. We will eliminate hazards and reduce the risks of a safe work management system and discuss this policy with our staff.
  • To fulfill all requirements according to occupational health and safety, while management as well as all staff accept principle that work activities cannot be performed at the expense of health and all hazardous work practices must be avoided. The management of MSA, a.s. undertakes to discuss OHS issues with the employee representatives.
  • To discuss problems and risks related to our activities and analyze risks arising from internal and external issues to prevent their unwanted effects.
  • To permanently motivate all employees, to participate on their qualification development and to ensure their satisfaction and health, as well as to increase the employees’ awareness related to quality, environmental protection, health and safety issues and the requirements of nuclear safety. Each employee is familiar with his/her responsibility and authority in the process of achieving the set goals and ensuring the IMS functionality.
  • MSA, a. s. management is aware of the importance of the products' quality and their impact on nuclear safety. MSA, a.s. management is committed to ensure that the nuclear safety is not compromised by other priorities during the production of equipment for nuclear power plants.
  • MSA, a. s. management permanently assumes responsibility for fulfilling mandatory obligations towards interested parties and for fulfilling relevant requirements set out in internal and external normative documents and laws through their implementation, and for continuously increasing the efficiency of an integrated management system, which includes the entire range of processes and premises in the company MSA, a. s.
  • MSA, a. s. management undertakes to implement this management system policy, secure resources for this policy as well as familiarize all employees with its wording. All staff is expected to cooperate on implementation of this policy.